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@SvenskaSpark bends the truth to Bartertown @SvenskaSpark bends over backwards for Bartertown Spider face:

Thanks to Miks Ambs of Project Pedal, for this shitty find from google street view as bird shit don’s the great google street cam image. Upon seeing this I instantly thought “why the hell isn’t there more like this” and I was forced to do a search. The result was this: Instantly I started to […]


Hot girl considers the nature of theocratic law as express by the actions of who we keep as pets!

Here is a website for more funny from the lady herself

@MJOffen gives Bartertown a another treat! I put a milkshake in my yard about an hour ago. No boys yet. Beginning to think this is another liberal media lie. @MJOffen Tries other methods of attraction on Bartertown.

Well John somebody had to do it.

@DeenaMarie sings beyonce to Bartertown. Mmm yea, look at that MILF with all her kids. HAWT DeenaMarie proves to Bartertown she too is a Heavenly body.

Ever Since day one I felt like Hulu’s ‘If I can Dream’ just missed the mark. but today I can finally rest knowing, that honestly that’s all people want is things to fail. Take for instance, this newest episode in which beautiful fashion model dreamer : Giglianne is paired up with “A top photographer” A […]

Anne Pho-king knows what’s good Bartertown

@ThatsWright Diana talks to Bartertown about “spirit” of WeHo. Diana displays her favorite spirit to Bartertown