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UnLive Long and Prosper

Fuck You Tree


Since the epic days of the Dick Tree – I never thought nature would ever be funny again.

Ikea released 100 domestic cats in to their flagship Wembley store, just to see what they would do. Because cats do what makes them happy.


The object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming zombie apocalypse. What is it? Whelp – I got a desk lamp. Not the worst things ever, but certainly not the best… guess I’m zombie food. What about you?

I would just like to point out the awesomeness of the text url that slowly, slowly scrolls to the middle of the video drawing all of your attention away from this intense crab cake knowledge. thecrabcakeman | October 16, 2007 From the eastern shore of Maryland, the Crab Cake Man shows the people of New […]

This is a great find by Pete H. I’m gonna put this out there, this is probably NSFW – unless you work in like a candy porn factory. God let us pray such a place exists. What starts off like a straight forward parody reaches a comedic climax of twizzler squirting hilarity and before you […]

No Matter How Hard You Try You will never be as cool as a shark riding, RPG wielding Velociraptor.