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Thanks to Lobese for this great find. Here’s a closer look Hey Guys – how’s this for a presentation!

Thanks to planetlam for this pic from tweetphoto

Thanks Tweetphoto your public feed is endlessly amusing.

Well here it is folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for (apparently) But thanks to my good friend @mememolly I found out that this is just what I was waiting for.

I’m sitting here at a cafe and I look over on somebody else’s laptop and there he was smiling back at me. Good old Gary. Coleman died Friday at a Utah hospital from a brain hemorrhage. The twitterverse is shocked. The child star got his stardom from different strokes, and then went on to rekindle […]

@ThatsWright Diana talks to Bartertown about “spirit” of WeHo. Diana displays her favorite spirit to Bartertown

Jenni advises Bartertown on expectations. Jenni show Bartertown what to expect

According to Ben Swartz (@rejectedjokes) the internet has been saved. Salvation is here in the form of the master of late night and red pompadours. Conan’s epic first tweet?