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@vipVIOLET asks Bartertown on a date. @vipVIOLET carries Bartertown over the alter.

@JulieRasmussen gives Bartertown a lesson in Stuff @JulieRasmussen shows Bartertown ‘The Best Stuff on Earth’

@MJOffen gives Bartertown a another treat! I put a milkshake in my yard about an hour ago. No boys yet. Beginning to think this is another liberal media lie. @MJOffen Tries other methods of attraction on Bartertown.

@JulieRasmussen gives Bartertown their just Desserts! Julie relives Bartertown of unwanted stress

Anne Pho-king knows what’s good Bartertown

@megfalcone Meghan schools Bartertown in judging. Brianna teaches Bartertown, life goes on.

Brianna aka QueenofSnow Brianna caught in Bartertown as predator Brianna Catches a Predator in Bartertown

Anaiis prepares Bartertown for defeat Anaiis motives Bartertown for victory!

Jenni advises Bartertown on expectations. Jenni show Bartertown what to expect

Brynna Reminds Bartertown of Valuable Potential Pop Culture Innuendo Brynna Pops Bartertown’s Culture – Heyoooo!