Hulu’s If I Can Destroy a Dream


Ever Since day one I felt like Hulu’s ‘If I can Dream’ just missed the mark.

but today I can finally rest knowing, that honestly that’s all people want is things to fail.

Take for instance, this newest episode in which beautiful fashion model dreamer : Giglianne is paired up with “A top photographer”

A top photographer, Robert Sebree, who’s taken pictures of tons of celebrity’s and who’s own dream is apparently to turn a beautiful woman in to whatever the hell this is.

Nice job dick hole – you’ve made a hot chick ugly. Kudos to you. Douche.

Now I’m not saying he’s a bad photographer, I’m not saying he hasn’t done some amazing photos in the past. But, hey buddy, you’re culpable here.

As a photographer myself I would have snapped these pictures, looked at them and never let them see the light of day, let alone be used to represent your work on the shows thumbnail. Even during the how other good pictures were taken.

This is just offensively bad looking to everyone involved.

I mean christ, there’s a visible line where the make up stops and the hair line begins. WTF is that about?

One Response to “Hulu’s If I Can Destroy a Dream”

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