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That is all folks If your Girlfriend wasn’t a gamer before – she will be.

Thanks to Miks Ambs of Project Pedal, for this shitty find from google street view as bird shit don’s the great google street cam image. Upon seeing this I instantly thought “why the hell isn’t there more like this” and I was forced to do a search. The result was this: Instantly I started to […]

This old timey invention brought to you by the people who brought you the Cat Sack and Hampster hat. Ah won’t rover love the wind in his face and the ignorance of knowing just how tight those C Clamps are holding him in. And it’s just another game as he plays ‘Turtle” aka “watch out […]

This dude made a coffee table that looks like a giant Nintedo NES Opening the lid reveals a fully functional wireless lap sized NES controller You can even plug yo shit in! oh snaps See more pictures here

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‘McNuggets Rampage Surveillance Footage (with original sound)’ by OctoberRoad I want to say that, typically I’m less impressed by videos of stupid people doing stupid things on the internet. That generally I lean toward sketch comedy, especially when it comes to this blog. But the boys at OctoberRoad saw their way to taking some security […]

Well folks this is what youtube is all about. It’s dare I say, it’s purpose in life. (skip to about 47 second in) Now let’s check that out in slow mo and finally.. now it’s gotta soul. I bet you feel bad.


I mean come on folks. it’s just common sense! Do i have to spell it out to you? To all dancers do not go on the Couch with yours high Hills Shoes if you do-you will be charge $10 evry time ATT: Playpen