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Hot girl considers the nature of theocratic law as express by the actions of who we keep as pets!

Here is a website for more funny from the lady herself

@DeenaMarie sings beyonce to Bartertown. Mmm yea, look at that MILF with all her kids. HAWT DeenaMarie proves to Bartertown she too is a Heavenly body.

Brynna Reminds Bartertown of Valuable Potential Pop Culture Innuendo Brynna Pops Bartertown’s Culture – Heyoooo!

MJ says Happy St. Patty’s day Bartertown MJ Shows Bartertown her happy face

MJ shows Bartertown the truth behind regret MJ Shows Bartertown she regrets nothing

Jen Friel teaches Bartertown to be happy to succed Jen Friel then makes everyone in Bartertown happy