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Intentionally underpaid and overworked souls don’t get much sympathy these days because we’ve all become them. Generally I hate the doldrums of regimen… the lack of something new invading an orthodox situation. So here’s my top 10 list of most badass things I’ve done at work in the past to pass time.

When the world ends in a gassy cloud of asteroids, volcanoes and John Cusack in 2012 I will have four last words for the world in our last and dying hours. “Facebook Apps Freaking Suck!” (This may end up being a very rough paraphrase, though I’m considering going with the more conforming “AAGGGHHHHHHH!” just in case I dont have time to prepare last words) In the last three or so years since Facebook added games, apps and such I may have spent more time on my fictitious personas than I’ve spent on YouTube. This irks me greatly, yet do I leave them? Why would I do that?

In the truest fashion of Anti Blog last weeks blog may have been our truest to form in rejecting form and formality. I’ve long loathed expectations and often find the best way to constantly meet these increasingly high standards we all set for ourselves is to consistently find a point to nonchalantly drop them all to zero.


Now when I say that understand this isnt me saying I’m smarter than a lot of people and I wish they were smart as me… but rather there are a lot of people DUMBER than me.. (and I’m not the brightest penny) and I wish they werent so stinking STUPID. aghhh I hate it… they do the minimum to scrape by.. no wait.. even less than that.. they do the least they can do and go unnoticed by anyone but me.. and leave it so I have to cover their retarded tookus by working harder to fill the gap.

For the past month or so Planet Earth has mulled over the question countless times as to WHAT caused the events leading up to the Kanyeruption (I’m getting the term trademarked) of Taylor Swift on the MTV Music Video Awards. Countless Theories abounded from drugs to inebriation of the Kanye to Ego and such. Today those will all fall to the wayside because I’m here to tell you the truth. Taylor Swift hasn’t gone through shit, I’m the real victim here.

In the early days of man he realized that the middle of the week sucked.
So he gave it a holiday. In order to give Wednesday a certain loftiness
they tagged it with a nickname often synonymous with sexual activity.