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There is a standard time that the rest of the world likes to call “work hours.” These hours typically occur during a standard 8-12 hour period of mostly daylight. However many of us find ourselves having to push more work into times that are not the standard “day.” For years I also would stay up […]

Well it’s the week of Halloween, and I was trying to think of the scariest thing I could imagine: the my little ponies with chainsaws for hooves. But the only poll I could think is if you’d escape by open terrain or attempt to climb something. However it led me to thinking of death over […]

I’ve waffled on this particular topic for years. Back in the day I was all about Coca Cola, just a staunch supporter in almost every way. It was kind of like rooting for a team. I liked Coke, all my friends like Coke, and Coke is the #1 seller giving it the whole “back a […]

The showdown to end all showdowns. Apples versus Oranges. Yes, they are different, which is why they are so difficult to compare. But that’s why “different” isn’t “same”, something is inherently better or preferable. Maybe it’s a summer versus fall thing, I don’t know. But what I do know is that this debate shall be […]