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Rough Religion


Rough Religion: Jesus Makes Life Hard; GOD EXPOSED; Jesus Spanks; Moses Maxi; There Is No God; Christians Know.

Economists be damned; two out of three Americans know that the Global Financial Crisis was caused by a Smoke Monster in their economy.

Love craft? Well Lovecraft with the Cthulhu Beanie! Better egg on your shirt than egg on your face! No more Freudian slips in these slippers! POKEMON: Gotta mug ’em all! Not naturally gifted with varicose veins…?

Best of luck to you and the electric friendship generator!

Eat your heart out James Cameron!

In Blood Roses, Tori Amos sings, “Sometimes you’re nothing but meat…” I’m sure today’s post will prove that once and for all that is true.

But why be on a boat, when you could be on a horse?

That Old Adage


We think of Google as being a search engine, that monolithic company that somehow upholds most of the Internet. But I want to put to you that Google is first and foremost an advertising company. Google Adsense – when it works – brings content creators together with advertisers with a minimum of fuss. And when it doesn’t work? Well, hilarity ensues…

Ever wonder what equipment some of your favourite video creators use to create their content? I spoke to seven such video creators about their setup. This week’s JOJCAST is proof that you don’t need the biggest and best equipment, you just have to use what you have in a thoughtful manner.