Podpocalpyse is group of bloggers that scour the web, the world and find the funniest, most entertaining things

If you’re interested in being a part of the team contact us at podpocalypse at gmail dot com

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MasterBlaster : Something for the Head & Something for the Heart (a pretty girl and a clever thought) – If there’s one thing that’s prominant on the web it’s snarky commentary, clever observations and quotes that make you go ‘hmm’; that and pretty girls. MasterBlaster is like these two great things put together. So we put these things together!

Marty McFly says Watch Out – Things to look forward to in the future; Movie Trailers, Events, Comics Books – all the fun things that will be coming in our super future, while we wait for our hover boards, jet packs and flying cars to hit mass production.

Tanks Girl’s Pod BOD Beauty of the Day – Leave it to this roaming post apocalyptic feminist to scour the web for the hottest girls out there. It’s all quality over quantity with this girl though – she wants the most interesting and fun pics. Not your typical Myspace snap shot. Meh to that!

5 epic things by 5 from 9The nets are full of cool art, everyone’s out there drawing, painting, sketching, doing mad photoshop compositions. 5 from 9 is out there with his big telescope find the most epic, interesting, funny, cool, wicked, awesome, amazing art that’s out there!

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