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Ikea released 100 domestic cats in to their flagship Wembley store, just to see what they would do. Because cats do what makes them happy.

‘McNuggets Rampage Surveillance Footage (with original sound)’ by OctoberRoad I want to say that, typically I’m less impressed by videos of stupid people doing stupid things on the internet. That generally I lean toward sketch comedy, especially when it comes to this blog. But the boys at OctoberRoad saw their way to taking some security […]

Well folks this is what youtube is all about. It’s dare I say, it’s purpose in life. (skip to about 47 second in) Now let’s check that out in slow mo and finally.. now it’s gotta soul. I bet you feel bad.

So this has been going desk to desk at work. It’s like watching something go viral IRL. Do we have a solution to the BP Oil spill? The video claims : In this video posted by the Walton County (FL) Sheriff’s Department, Darryl Carpenter, Vice President of Florida-based CW Roberts Contracting and sub-contractor Otis Goodson, […]

This music Monday, get down with your bad Dork Self