Weapon of Choice in the Zombie Apocalypse


A Laurel Burch designer pillow. I’m boned. [biotv.]

The object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming zombie apocalypse. What is it?

Whelp – I got a desk lamp. Not the worst things ever, but certainly not the best… guess I’m zombie food.

What about you?

19 Responses to “Weapon of Choice in the Zombie Apocalypse”

  1. Let’s see. I have a Presidio of Monterey coffee mug. There’s not even any coffee in it.

    oh boy

    This is gonna be a long apocalypse.

    • At least you’ll have one finally sip before the brain munching death

  2. lessee- to my left,I got my feet propped up on a dining chair- that should work pretty good

    • it was nice knowing you 😦

  3. Welp. I’ve got a guitar. I think that’d work alright for a while. Not too bad for bashing heads… Let’s do this!

    • Electric or acoustic? acoustic you’re good for one maybe two zombies… then it’s panic time!

  4. A plastic picture frame shaped like a cat with a picture of my 15-year-old cat Westley in it. I’m screwed. I guess I’ll be eating someone pretty soon.

    • David repeat after me… Brainz… Brainz… this time with feeling!

  5. 9 LittleBigPumpkin

    headphones?! not a very good weapon
    but: there’s also my oxford english dictionary 😀 i’ll beat the crap out of the zombies with it. lmao :’D

  6. 10 ThePureawesomnss

    lets see, a rubiks 360, a glass jar, two apples about to turn ,12 candy wrappers, a battery, a pencil, and some paper. i wish i was macgyver right now

  7. 11 lolsome

    a curtain…

    • has to be said….”It’s curtains for you!”

  8. 13 SilentRickyy

    a bowie knife and a claymore…

    dear god yes ;D

  9. 14 codeina

    3 samurai katanas that will prob hold until i get somewhere safe =P

  10. 15 Mario Monte

    hmm a loft bed and a desk…..
    i cant lift those too easily, i have a friend who can supply me with weapons anyway, shurikens, kunais, katanas, etc.
    if he isn’t there then I won’t last long.

  11. 16 Mario Monte

    soon i will be saying Nom, nom, nom while munchin on brains

  12. 17 Ahmred H'hasad Abdul Hakeel Makeen

    Let me see, 15,00 kilograms of 35mm ammunition and an ak47?

    Fuck yeah.

  13. 18 Henrick Trot

    A mini desk-fan.
    Sadly it’s electricity operated.
    Imagine if I could saw through all those zombies >:D

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