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UnLive Long and Prosper

This old timey invention brought to you by the people who brought you the Cat Sack and Hampster hat. Ah won’t rover love the wind in his face and the ignorance of knowing just how tight those C Clamps are holding him in. And it’s just another game as he plays ‘Turtle” aka “watch out […]

Shadow Puppets


Banana Flasher


Show me Yo’ Banana!

In my recent exploration of men’s long time fantasy our favorite sci fi Princess. I was met by some obviously salacious imagry, as one might expect (neigh hope) I mean what man hasn’t rehearsed the speach to ask his significant other to don the gold bikini? Heck I can even appreciate, to some extent this […]

Alright my little geeklings. Today I present the world’s coolest bounty hunter like you’ve never seen him before. Boba Fett! BOBA CONCEPT ART by ~CapMoreno kwinz‘s Boba fett colored by ~shalomone Boba Fett – A Fair Trade by *wildman10 Babe Fett by *artguyjoe Boba Fett by Livio by ~Livio27

As awesomely epic as photos are, I wanted to move back in to a realm of drawn art, and I haven’t been able to shake the geek inside. So I know present, not just another star wars set, not just one specific character, but the most fantasized version of a character to date. Slave Leia. […]

After my first collection of Epic Things I decided to start doing a more thematic collection. So inspired by the first set I made my way across the internet wasterland and found these 5 epic Star Wars things! Check out these things I found! Starwars on ice by ~stampede starwars monster 3 by ~jasonshawnhickman Make […]

Check out these things I found! parking ticket by *Loopydave Pet Raptor by *Culpeo-Fox Down for the Count by ~poopbear Stargate tribute by *Wen-JR happy go lucky scamp by =hiritai