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Check out this fucking video. There’s your irony. Pfft. [Youtube=] Lyrics after the cut

I gotta say this is one of the few web series I’ve been eagerly awaiting episodes on, and now it’s over. Damn you Ninja Sex Party, damn you. If you haven’t seen the first 3, well then I suppose you have an epic journey to embark on – you can see all 4 videos here […]

This is a great find by Pete H. I’m gonna put this out there, this is probably NSFW – unless you work in like a candy porn factory. God let us pray such a place exists. What starts off like a straight forward parody reaches a comedic climax of twizzler squirting hilarity and before you […]


This music Monday, get down with your bad Dork Self

Recorded Live : 12/17/09 Hosts: SamProof Guest : VK Lynne Videos are below the cut

It’s time for another Featured Member Video! Check out Community Member Jason Horton Congratulate them! Add as Friend Send a Message Check this funny retro video, it’s so 80’s it’ll make you watch twice! And grab a glimpse of our own SamProof around the 1:09 mark. Leave a comment on the video Remember you don’t […]

“Bite Marks” Brodie Foster Hubbard Live from Bigfoot lodge in Los Angeles

To submit your videos email your video link to failpire at gmail dot com subject : video fight club submission This Week your video contenders are Challenger: ‘Echo Location‘ VS Champion: ‘Vinegar Tea Party’ Challenger: Echo Location Champion: Vinegar Tea Party by Destructobox Click here for details Send your videos to Failpire @ Gmail dot […]