Reeses Pieces (Parody of The Script, Breakeven aka Falling to Pieces)


This is a great find by Pete H.

I’m gonna put this out there, this is probably NSFW – unless you work in like a candy porn factory. God let us pray such a place exists. What starts off like a straight forward parody reaches a comedic climax of twizzler squirting hilarity and before you know it, you’re like “WTF just happened” you can thank steveberkecomedy – Enjoy.

If anyone wants to help us type out the lyrics I’ll give you a link back and send that slutty Peanut M&M your way.

And if you think you’ve found comedy gold on the internet – join us at and leave a comment on the wall OR send it to podpocalypse at Gmail dot com

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5 Responses to “Reeses Pieces (Parody of The Script, Breakeven aka Falling to Pieces)”

  1. 1 Ryan Ellington

    Wow. One of the funniest parodies I have ever seen! I had to go and watch the original video, cause I wasn’t that familiar with it, and then after watching it, this is even more brilliant!

    • LOL yea I hadn’t seen the original video before either!

  2. and Now I feel dirty for wanting twizzlers.

    • I know right!? I was like “aww damn, I love twizzlers I should get some… maybe after they stop squirting out of this woman.”

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