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There’s one word in my vocabulary I’ve been trying extra hard to avoid saying.. well.. actually two and they’re directly connected. When I say this understand that there is a lot of thought and reflection involved.


Now when I say that understand this isnt me saying I’m smarter than a lot of people and I wish they were smart as me… but rather there are a lot of people DUMBER than me.. (and I’m not the brightest penny) and I wish they werent so stinking STUPID. aghhh I hate it… they do the minimum to scrape by.. no wait.. even less than that.. they do the least they can do and go unnoticed by anyone but me.. and leave it so I have to cover their retarded tookus by working harder to fill the gap.

Yeah you know who you are Mr. Take an On the clock break on the computer for an hour and a half while the rest of us are working like turks wondering why were shorthanded? or rather while Mr. Lazy pants shows no sense of urgency and Miss Lackluster sits around and talks about something… nobody knows what because nobody listens… and still she fills hours with mind numbing chatter and I seem to be the only one working.


You know who you are mr. say everything to get yourself in other peoples bad graces… in fact there are fictitious geeklings in the minds of geeks with more accidental suavity than you have ever mustered.

You say stuff like “If you dont party like a Rockstar, you are a loser” and send me the invite to the facebook group 15 times.. yeah 15! Didnt you get the hint after I rejected the invite times 12, 13 or 14?

I hate Stupid people, and yet they abound.. the world is becoming increasingly overwhelmed with nitwits of epic proportions.

You know society has gone to a new all time low however.. when IDIOTS have sidekicks, whatever you want to call them.. apprentices, proteges, trainees in the ways of idiocy that will make parents like the Hiltons look like rocket scientists.

I recently went to New York City, a nice place, beautiful buildings and stuff like that… but the thing that impressed me most about it was the ever prominent wealth of dreams, both those being realized and those being squelched by reality.

and yet these idiots have no ambition.. no dreams… It sickens me. And perhaps thats the biggest reason why,

I hate stupid people (written by MGphenom in the year 2007 – This was The Birth of the Anti Blog)

One Response to “The Anti Blog – I Hate Stupid People”

  1. If you cut a stupid person do they not bleed?

    No, seriously we should try that some time… I want to know. =P

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