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On this lovely and purely sarcastic feeling Wednesday November 11th I’d like to thank you all for your Anti Feedback, the anti blog I posted last anti week was both anti ground breaking and anti emotionally driven. I’m sure it moved many… It anti moved me… in fact in the truest fashion of Anti Blog last weeks blog may have been our truest to form in rejecting form and formality. (stolen and paraphrased from fellow Podpocalypse writer John Lacey of JOJcast

I’ve long loathed expectations and often find the best way to constantly meet these increasingly high standards we all set for ourselves is to consistently find a point to nonchalantly drop them all to zero.

Yes you haven’t missed anything actually I wasn’t able to post an Anti Blog last week due to a lingering disease known as NaNoWriMoitis… I took up the disease in an effort to bring a long dreamt dream into… non dream world reality… the writing of my first novel… though I’m torn on whether it ends up being a screenplay, novel, graphic novel, short film, straight to VHS movie or just bounces around in my head for the remainder of my life.

This was my first year to actually make an effort at NaNoWriMo and while I’m sure the vast majority of you will know of this plague via SamProof (who is anti egging me on with his success in this endeavor 22,000 words and counting by the third way mark – I meanwhile am stuck at 700 :P) the concept is to write a 50,000 word novel (or at least write 50,000 words in a month regardless of quality or the lack thereof). As you may have noticed through my Anti Blog style which subsists primarily in my contempt for punctuation (an exhausting trait for the proof readers out there I’m sure – and I apologize)

Where was I again? Oh yes… Expectations… I loathe them, on YouTube I go into ruts like the one I’m in now when I have a video that has any kind of success as I try to follow it up with an even better one… instead of doing what I know will get me back in a creative state of mind… uploading thirteen mindless vlogs detailing my daily lack of activity outside of work and sleep.

Though honestly reaching for higher expectations would probably be applaudable and stinking cool… It’s much easier to watch other peoples vlogs about their daily lack of activity outside of work and sleep… somehow it feels justifying 😛

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