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We posted a bunch of these before, direct from one of the game designers and he’s back with even more!

Hilarity happens when two video game worlds clash. My favorite moment happens at the 53 second mark. Brilliant.

Tank Girl’s Beauty of the Day Alright nerdlings, before we do this and I parade another hot strumpet around before your eyes. I’m going to show you something. Yes, this week’s beauty is an animator. That’s her demo reel. Permission to cream yourself. Ok – one more thing before we go on. [Youtube=] Assuming you […]

To submit your videos email your video link to failpire at gmail dot com subject : video fight club submission This Week your video contenders are Challenger: ‘Echo Location‘ VS Champion: ‘Vinegar Tea Party’ Challenger: Echo Location Champion: Vinegar Tea Party by Destructobox Click here for details Send your videos to Failpire @ Gmail dot […]