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Double Header!


Dear Abby eat your heart out. It’s a Stranger Than Fiction Double Header! Yes, the people we know and love a rife with problems. That only I could help them with. (Where was Batman or even Mr. Clean you ask? Busy!) Never fear Batling is nearby and has a wet/dry vac! “Dear Lola, I read […]

“Bite Marks” Brodie Foster Hubbard Live from Bigfoot lodge in Los Angeles

Vampire madness is almost over at Sexier Than Fiction! Sad but true. Personally while I would never date a vampire, they’re supposed to be undead bloodsuckers. I remember the good old days when people screaming from them. Today, Hollywood has made vampires “the sex”. Vampires used to be: Now they are: They’ve also made them […]

Now if you’re still with me, you’ve made the choice to date a vampire. Perhaps you’re in a curious relationship with a suspected vampire. But, how can you tell? Does he appear just when you need him? I mean just when you need him. Like you’re thinking about him. He’s there with ice cream in […]

Vampires are everywhere these days. It’s seems you can’t throw a dead cat without hitting one. Personally, I don’t understand the appeal. You’re limited to night life, they can’t enjoy taking photos with you, and don’t even get me started on the horrendous meal planning, not to mention the whole blood thing. That’s the truth, […]