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REGRETS – Those were the droids your were looking for

FEMTROOPER – Now that’s why I’m a fan of the Empire Of course that’s just while Lando is looking away

This epic grindhouse/blaxplotation trailer for a Land Calrissian star wars TV show just came across my virtual desk and I had to throw it up. Amazing, totally hilarious. Plus I do believe I heard myself a firefly quote in there, as well as some classic colt 45 references. My only critique is that they totally missed an oppotunity […]

A funny, sweet video about a day in the life of a pet At-At

In my recent exploration of men’s long time fantasy our favorite sci fi Princess. I was met by some obviously salacious imagry, as one might expect (neigh hope) I mean what man hasn’t rehearsed the speach to ask his significant other to don the gold bikini? Heck I can even appreciate, to some extent this […]

Alright my little geeklings. Today I present the world’s coolest bounty hunter like you’ve never seen him before. Boba Fett! BOBA CONCEPT ART by ~CapMoreno kwinz‘s Boba fett colored by ~shalomone Boba Fett – A Fair Trade by *wildman10 Babe Fett by *artguyjoe Boba Fett by Livio by ~Livio27

As awesomely epic as photos are, I wanted to move back in to a realm of drawn art, and I haven’t been able to shake the geek inside. So I know present, not just another star wars set, not just one specific character, but the most fantasized version of a character to date. Slave Leia. […]

Brynna Reminds Bartertown of Valuable Potential Pop Culture Innuendo Brynna Pops Bartertown’s Culture – Heyoooo!