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‘McNuggets Rampage Surveillance Footage (with original sound)’ by OctoberRoad I want to say that, typically I’m less impressed by videos of stupid people doing stupid things on the internet. That generally I lean toward sketch comedy, especially when it comes to this blog. But the boys at OctoberRoad saw their way to taking some security […]

You cannot beat the logic! How Did the Dinosaurs Die? After Dinosaurs are everything on Earth, they dug deep into the ground to search for food. Sadly, they became trapped in the holes, which is why their skeletons are found underground today.

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Rough Religion


Rough Religion: Jesus Makes Life Hard; GOD EXPOSED; Jesus Spanks; Moses Maxi; There Is No God; Christians Know.

See the aftermath of facebook’s change from “Become a Fan” to the simple “like” button. It’s breaking up homes! [Youtube=]