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OK so there’s no nip slip, no full monty, no real nudity. But still. Da-amn!

And so begins a new segment I’d like to call the Bacon of the Day

Congrats to Playboy’s 1st Miss Social – Krystal Harlow Krystal a 19 year old college student from Raleigh, North Carolina faced off against 15 other finalists. She rallyed the troops and by all means social media oriented got them to text in to the playboy number at 99 cents a text! She will be flying […]

Duct Tape – I like the style but that is sure going to hurt when you peal it off

@vipVIOLET asks Bartertown on a date. @vipVIOLET carries Bartertown over the alter.

It’s been a busy life lately. So take a moment and chill out, relax and take in the majestic tranquility of these 5 Epic Waterfalls! Besides it’s about time we stopped all these posts with notoriously hot women and return to the beauty of nature Waterfall 04 by mickeymox Waterfall at Watkins Glen S.P. by […]