It’s PIE!


We posted a bunch of these before, direct from one of the game designers and he’s back with even more!

Fuck You Tree


Since the epic days of the Dick Tree – I never thought nature would ever be funny again.

Is this the next big thing Meme?

Thoughts of Neo and the Spoon Boy run about my head as Neo tries to understand and is told “Dude, you have no Quran” (somebody whip that up in photo shop, I’ll give you 5 points)

In light of recent meme’s a Sad Don Draper, could be learned of books he is or isn’t in possession of.

Strutting Leo – Seriously, that dude knows “Dude, You haz no Quran”

Prancing Michael Cera? that dude just stoled your Koranz! He’s a real Jacon Isom

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Thanks to Miks Ambs of Project Pedal, for this shitty find from google street view as bird shit don’s the great google street cam image.

Upon seeing this I instantly thought “why the hell isn’t there more like this” and I was forced to do a search. The result was this:

Instantly I started to note similarities, and exclaimed “That’s the same poop!” (something I never thought I’d say in my life(and pray I’ll never need to say again)).

Side note : the images from the video, are taken a block away from where I work.

So what choice did I have but to map the poop route

View Larger Map

In theory several of the pictures in between on the street view will be riddled with bird poop. Screen cap your favorites and post your images links below!

“Heya hot stuff!”

This old timey invention brought to you by the people who brought you the Cat Sack and Hampster hat. Ah won’t rover love the wind in his face and the ignorance of knowing just how tight those C Clamps are holding him in. And it’s just another game as he plays ‘Turtle” aka “watch out for the opening door”. Good times. Look out for our latest convinces to all your pet traveling needs.

Ikea released 100 domestic cats in to their flagship Wembley store, just to see what they would do. Because cats do what makes them happy. to Playboy’s 1st Miss Social – Krystal Harlow

Krystal a 19 year old college student from Raleigh, North Carolina faced off against 15 other finalists. She rallyed the troops and by all means social media oriented got them to text in to the playboy number at 99 cents a text!

She will be flying to Los Angeles for a tour of the Playboy Mansion, a photo-shoot with a Playboy photographer, and some major Playboy fun and exposure!

We hope to see more of her soon.

You can Social Krystal up at:

More Pics

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I gotta say this is one of the few web series I’ve been eagerly awaiting episodes on, and now it’s over. Damn you Ninja Sex Party, damn you.

If you haven’t seen the first 3, well then I suppose you have an epic journey to embark on – you can see all 4 videos here

About the Video:

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