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PART TWO Miss Part 1? Go here 5) Simon Campos – Flash Forward (Simon Campos) Ok sure, the show hasn’t actually established that Camps has any children of his own, in fact it’s his partner that is clearly the lovable father. but the point is, this bad boy physicist probably gets some sweet tail. He’s […]

PART ONE It’s a tough world out there, economic recession, unemployment, war, Nobel peace prizes for war, death, murder, destruction, 2012, bad movies and worse TV. So how can we even conceive of bringing children in to this world? But we do it anyway, and below is a list of the top ten fathers we […]

I gotta say when I was a kid toys were fucking awesome. You could actually build millions of things with your lego sets, not just 5.

Missiles shot out of our robots and there was a good chance a kid could lose an eye, or choke to death on some small part, or find out hey maybe I’m a serial Killer.

Nowadays, everything is full of dayglo to prevent cops from shooting you, or to nix would be thugs from knocking over liquor stores. I’m really not sure.

I know what you’re thinking. Wait, actually I don’t and actually I don’t care. Cause it’s probably something like “Hey Come on respect the woman” or something like that. And this is all I have to say : Marge Simpson is in Playboy. Ok? Get it? Your argument is moot. That means it’s invalid. And […]

Hidden under the shadow of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and more recently the awesome power of the ballon boy, this long awaited sequel has seemingly gone unnoticed. In fact with a release date in mere weeks, I’m shocked that twitter is not all abuzz. But it’s coming. Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. And […]