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Bad Bromance


Dear Lola, I’ve been sharing rooms with a most peculiar gentleman who has become a trusted friend and confidante. We have managed to help each other through all manner of crisis and trouble while creating a bond that would most likely be a durable and lasting one. Though, as of late, he has become more […]

Dear Lola, I’ve just gone through a traumatic experience that changed the way I’m looking at my life. Changes need to be made, and I’m realizing that I don’t have anyone to share it all with. I guess you could say I’m the kind of guy who has everything and nothing at the same time. […]

Dear Ms. Batling, I have a most unique problem. I am quite possibly the world’s foremost mind in criminal matters, one might say a veritable source of untold good, but I am unable to put this woman out of my mind. She is everything I am not, spontaneous, rude, and living outside the law. She […]

“Dear Lola, My ex boyfriend was dying of a rare disease and I told him he was the one. Not only that, but I cheated on my husband with him. Now he’s okay, and I really love my husband. I mean, I still love my ex, but I love my husband more, and we have […]

After last week, dealing with Tiger Woods and his insanity (Mrs. Woods, if you need a shoulder to cry on…) I’m getting back to making fun of fictional people. This week’s letter comes from Vinyan Dear Lola, I’m writing because I’m in a bit of a jam. My wife and I were recently visiting a […]

WTF Hollywood?


I wasn’t sure if I should use this space to address a serious issue in a “funny” column. My final vote is yes. The disturbing thing about it is that it’s a rather funny serious issue. It’s been something that I haven’t been able to understand for quite some time. This deals with the actors […]

What I’ve learned about extended families from Horror Movies. The thing about the extended family is that you don’t always know what you’re going to get. And, with the influx of recent (if remade) horror movies based around new people entering your life, you get a lot of mixed signals coming from the silver screen. […]

Have you made a pact with that special someone to be with them until the end of the world? If you plan on sticking by that pact but just can’t stand your partner anymore, you have a couple options: Suck it up and break your word or just wait for the end of the world. […]

Double Header!


Dear Abby eat your heart out. It’s a Stranger Than Fiction Double Header! Yes, the people we know and love a rife with problems. That only I could help them with. (Where was Batman or even Mr. Clean you ask? Busy!) Never fear Batling is nearby and has a wet/dry vac! “Dear Lola, I read […]

Ah, here it comes, my look at all things on this thing called the internet. Yup, I’m going there. Care to join me? Haha too bad. In the digital age, if anyone still calls it that, more and more people are looking for some virtual satisfaction. While networking websites and even sites that promote extra-relationship-al […]