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As Seen on AFK Show A new webseries is coming – and the world is ending. This hilarious trailer gives us a glimpse at what looks to be one of the funniest new web series to hit the web. Created by Woody Tondorf Directed by Scott Brown Developed by Scott Brown and Woody Tondorf Starring […]

Guys, I just got back from the future. This was fucking epic. Furthermore it really speaks to me as an average guy who likes a girl (that isn’t my own mom). Also, I mean I’m seriously an epic rock god. But that’s neither here nor there. I also want to to point this out. That’s […]

Hey Guys, Lately I’ve been featuring a lot of movie’s that I’ve watched in the future. Oh man, sidebar, in the future there are some really sweet deals right now on Jet Packs – Loving it! Anyway, I digress. While I normally talk about movies I wanted to talk about one of my favorite movies, […]

Hey Guys, I know ‘remake’ is just a bad buzzword that means “We wanted to make some more money off this franchise, and we really don’t care if you like it – cause you’re gonna come see it anyway” – But Check it out, a New Predator movie! It’s a reinvention, honestly they shouldn’t have […]

Wait a minute guys, I know yesterday I said some pretty strong things about ‘Super Hero movies’. Sure there’s been a glut of them, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in site. But that doesn’t mean the future doesn’t hold some amazing gems. I mean when you team up two ultimate creepo character […]

SuperHero movies have been the it thing for a while, in fact their saturation level has beyond peaked. And yet they’re still coming, hand over fist. (guys srsly, if Spider man 4 doesn’t make amends for what happened in spider man 3, riot). The latest trend has been the awkward “normal” superhero, which in itself […]