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Another in the long line of Zelda games, you are again the ubiquitous elf Link (though your name is whatever you select it to be) on an adventure through monster infested lands in search of power, spirits, or the undying love of your friend/girlfriend. Long story short. It’s been done. To death. For fans of […]

In the magical world of Bel Lenora, magic is as common as breathing, an inborn talent held from everyone from the lowest janitor to the highest lord. In this world, one man was born without the ability to use even the simplest of spells. This man caused untold havoc and chaos and was banished from […]

Electroplankton isn’t a game insomuch as it is an experience. If aquamarine life were natural synthesizers, and you could drag a stick against them to make them perform for you. There are no levels, no ways to ‘win’, and no real end. What you do get from the ‘game’ is a way to almost freeform […]

Buy this game for text based rpg fans, or Law & Order fans. Ever feel the need to just stand up and shout “Objection!” in your everyday life but are worried about the random stares and snickering that would bring? Then this is the game you’re looking for. The game itself is equal parts Law […]

Best suited for your final fantasy loving, rpg addict gamer from the age of 13+ that doesn’t mind old school style gaming. Adapted from the early game of the same name for the NES, the Legacy of Ys is a simple game that takes a break from the rampant updating and bells and whistles that […]

Perfect Gift: Young Girl or Kitchen challenged 20 years. The sequel to the original cooking game, Cooking Mama, Cooking with Friends gives you the original feel of guided cooking and a chance to please virtual people with your potentially edible slop. This makes it perfect for anyone with a culinary bent and more than a […]

One of the more recent in the Lego video game franchises, the game holds little surprise to veterans of the other games like Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Harry Potter. The game play is simple, requiring you to cycle through various characters as you work your way through a series of scenes […]

Ever wish you could carry a copy of DDR around with you, fit it into your pocket, and use a touch screen instead? No. Oh, well, this is the game you’re looking for if you ever get that inclination. The premise is that you are in control of the Elite Beat Agents who go around […]

Jam Sessions


Jam Sessions isn’t a game as much as it is an application for the DS. Reviewer Andrew Pfister had this to say about the game: “There’s no ‘game’ to speak of. Rather, Jam Sessions is part of the same software family as Electroplankton and Traxxpad — nifty little musical tools that, while short on bells […]

With Astro Boy out in the theaters, I am brushing off an oldie-but-goodie game for the Gameboy Advance. Despite that there is a game for the movie, this was sitting on my shelves and it is still awesome. Tell me it’s not, I’ll fight you! After all you can play Advance games on your DS. […]