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Inspired by this humorous capture, I’ve scoured the web for the most dramatic, beautiful, stunning and epic reflections. Praha – reflection by ~O-Renzo bean by ~3rd-eye reflection by *azimos MIRROR – Westminster Abbey by ~onewordphoto And then I saw my destiny by ~THUNDERqueen Honorable mention .:Reflection:. by ~kh2kid

It’s been a busy life lately. So take a moment and chill out, relax and take in the majestic tranquility of these 5 Epic Waterfalls! Besides it’s about time we stopped all these posts with notoriously hot women and return to the beauty of nature Waterfall 04 by mickeymox Waterfall at Watkins Glen S.P. by […]

It’s National Librarian Day! Ok there’s been a lot of hotness in my past posts So I’ll take today as a challenge to NOT use this as yet another reason to post pictures of scantily clad women all over the internetz. I mean hell, I don’t want Tank girl coming after me… she’s crazy! And […]

In my recent exploration of men’s long time fantasy our favorite sci fi Princess. I was met by some obviously salacious imagry, as one might expect (neigh hope) I mean what man hasn’t rehearsed the speach to ask his significant other to don the gold bikini? Heck I can even appreciate, to some extent this […]

Alright my little geeklings. Today I present the world’s coolest bounty hunter like you’ve never seen him before. Boba Fett! BOBA CONCEPT ART by ~CapMoreno kwinz‘s Boba fett colored by ~shalomone Boba Fett – A Fair Trade by *wildman10 Babe Fett by *artguyjoe Boba Fett by Livio by ~Livio27

As awesomely epic as photos are, I wanted to move back in to a realm of drawn art, and I haven’t been able to shake the geek inside. So I know present, not just another star wars set, not just one specific character, but the most fantasized version of a character to date. Slave Leia. […]

My 5 Dramatic Photos went over so well, I thought I’d do 5 more! by Ludovic Hirlimann by orvaratli by shchukin by Guille Avalos by divedivajade

Love craft? Well Lovecraft with the Cthulhu Beanie! Better egg on your shirt than egg on your face! No more Freudian slips in these slippers! POKEMON: Gotta mug ’em all! Not naturally gifted with varicose veins…?

In Blood Roses, Tori Amos sings, “Sometimes you’re nothing but meat…” I’m sure today’s post will prove that once and for all that is true.

Today I felt myself just floating along. So I’m continuing the photo theme and now present to you. 5 Epic photo’s of levitating things! levitating trance -resubmit by `albertofoto The Dreamer – by ~sanmiguelarcangel I levitate. by ~cassandraAK Kevin Levitating by ~SpAzZnaticShuRIken circus freak. by ~danielleroxy