McNuggets Rampage Surveillance Footage (with original sound)


'McNuggets Rampage Surveillance Footage (with original sound)' by OctoberRoad

I want to say that, typically I’m less impressed by videos of stupid people doing stupid things on the internet. That generally I lean toward sketch comedy, especially when it comes to this blog. But the boys at OctoberRoad saw their way to taking some security camera footage of some crazy idiot, losing her mind at a mcdonalds, and turned it in to gold.

Here’s a little update on the actual story

A 25-year-old woman from East Toledo, Ohio was indicted in the U.S. after viciously attacking a McDonald’s worker through a drive-through window last January. The video of the attack has now made its way online.

The footage shows the woman got out of her car, repeatedly struck a McDonald’s manager, and attempted to climb through the Drive-Thru window before three employees forcibly shoved the window closed.

The woman then repeatedly slammed the window before returning to her car and grabbing an open beer bottle, which she subsequently launched through the glass into the kitchen.

The reason for all this anger?

Melodi Dushane, who was 24 at the time, drove through a drive-through at 6 a.m., only to be told she couldn’t order chicken nuggets because the restaurant was only serving breakfast at the time.

Dushane faced charges of felony vandalism earlier this year. She is also banned from her local McDonalds.

Read more:

Melodi Dushane was arrested and faced charges of felony vandalism

One Response to “McNuggets Rampage Surveillance Footage (with original sound)”

  1. 1 Monroe Espechich

    What da frack? maaan that aint cool… they gota have tha chickuun nuggets man… I dont care what timee it es there… y’knoww?

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