Gary Coleman Dies at 42

28May10’m sitting here at a cafe and I look over on somebody else’s laptop and there he was smiling back at me. Good old Gary.

Coleman died Friday at a Utah hospital from a brain hemorrhage. The twitterverse is shocked.

The child star got his stardom from different strokes, and then went on to rekindle the flame of fame in a wave of tabloid exploits that eventually landed him the role of Gary Coleman on the simpsons. Which is pretty awesome.

But all kidding aside. Coleman was an iconic figure that will be missed by all.

So twitter, What’cha talkin bout?

RSSMicro: Gary Coleman: A Remembrance In Pictures #garycoleman

Ti_Michou: RT @Jesus_M_Christ: False alarm, everyone. That wasn’t Gary Coleman; Justin Bieber had just taken a swim in the Gulf.

AdFreak: A look back at Gary Coleman‘s love-hate relationship with advertising.…
JoshTodd: Gary Coleman died of a brain hemorrhage, which is like a stroke, but different. RIP

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