Rough Religion


Jesus Makes Life Hard (Click to enlarge)
Lamebook: Jesus Makes Life Hard

Garcia: Long day… Jesus makes things so hard on me.

Beth: Doesn’t he?? but it’s for the best, just keep him in your heart and keep praying gurl… it will get better. Jesus works in mysterious ways….

Garcia: Beth, Jesus is my 14 year old son, he was suspended from school for punching a janitor again.


Jesus Spanks
Jesus Spanks

Moses Maxi
Moses Maxi

New Proof: There Is No God

Jesus: A Dog’s Best Friend
Jesus And A Dog

Atheists Think; Christians Know!
Atheists Think - Christians Know!

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  1. I no entender c�mo Termin� hasta aqu� , sin embargo pero pens� aguantar una vez fue buena . I no cuenta quien eres embargo tu eres ir a una famosa conocido blogger if you no son ya . �Salud !

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