Diaspora VS Goliath (er Facebook)


People always ask me; Have you heard of Tyler Durden?

Wait, scratch that reverse it. This is Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club – don’t talk about privacy issues.

Wait, no that’s not right. remember, resistance is useless. Assimilate, assimilate!

You are not a unique snowflake. You are no your data.

Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime is death.

Big Brother is watching; and thoughtcrime is illegal.

</total web transparency>

This is SPARTA! Diaspora*

The web has been moving at the speed of light in the realm of Total utter fucking seamless transparency. Hell Transparency has become one of the most popular buzz words since all those bailouts and Enron-esk calamities.

And Facebook, headed by the mighty God himself, Marc Zuckerberg has been at the front of this speed boat seeding it’s wake in the web waters.

Artists and creators have long been in a battle with the web to maintain rights to their creations and at the same time, use it to achieve fame and recognition in their life time. A feat achieved only by a handful of the masters in their day (and most of them had to have crazy mustaches or cut off ears).

But now in the face of the Zuckerberg enterprises recent privacy policy changes – everything has changed.

You are not a unique snowflake. The things you do are not your own. Facebook owns all of your photographs, all of your uploads, all of your statues updates. Facebook owns your thoughts.

So now 4 College friends have banded together to create a Computer to Computer rival.

A solution that will take social networking back in to a world where people own themselves!

They set out with a Kickstarter page to raise a simple 10,000 dollars and have now (with 14 days to go) raised nearly 20 times that amount. Over 5000 pledges.

You can Find out more about how Diaspora plans on decentralizing Social Networking here

So what do you think?

  • Has Facebook’s Privacy polices gone too far?

  • Is this the new wave of though evolution?

  • Will you be joining Diaspora?

3 Responses to “Diaspora VS Goliath (er Facebook)”

  1. tell me more

  2. Tell me more, FB is out of control. I’m contemplating a change

  3. 3 Penny Royal

    People have blindly laid it all out there. This sounds like a good alternative. Interested to know more.

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