5 Epic Things – Librarians!


It’s National Librarian Day!

Ok there’s been a lot of hotness in my past posts So I’ll take today as a challenge to NOT use this as yet another reason to post pictures of scantily clad women all over the internetz. I mean hell, I don’t want Tank girl coming after me… she’s crazy!

And with pieces like this out there I think I have a pretty interesting collection, worthy of the books you might say. Oh no I didn’t!

Librarian – DeVermiisMysteriis by *Fragile-yet-CunNINg

4 More Epic Librarians below the cut

the librarian by ~Solemn-Hypnotic

The librarian by ~Mushu23

The Librarian by ~amartinsdebarros

What would Librarian Day be without a few fantasies fulfilled!

The Librarian II by =yayacosplay

2 Responses to “5 Epic Things – Librarians!”

  1. That Solemn-Hypnotic image reminds me so much of YouTube’s Ysabellabrave.

    Huzzah for libraries and librarians. (I just got back from my local library myself.)

    • now that you pointed it out, I can totally see it… though I think I like the picture girl better 😉

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