Wait, What? – The Human Centipede


In all that is cliched horror, a pair of girls on a European vacation, get a flat tire in the rain and run off to find a lone house in the middle of the woods….

Sound average and over played yet?

but wait there’s more… inside the house… a mad scientist that abducts the girls to do horrible experiments on them… Turning them into… A siamese triplet…

Um. couldn’t stop laughing with how stupid this shit was.

I get, some green lit this to get fired, right?

The scariest part of this movie, isn’t the weird ass to mouth conjoining of people, it isn’t the terrible acting already apparent in the first 5 seconds of the trailer, it isn’t even whatever is supposed to actually be scary – it’s that this thing is called “The First Segment”, implying there’s already going to be a second piece of shit come out of this gastroblunderbus.

2 Responses to “Wait, What? – The Human Centipede”

  1. Yeah apparently this movie was brought to Fantastic Fest for the US premier fter premiering in Toronto and everyone pretty much deemed it unwatchable and said there was no audience FOR the movie. And while it was at the Alamo (FFest) it had as much security as Avatar lmao wtf right….the idea isn’t even scary/original……it sounds like a frankenstein creation made from horror movies new and old. The big deal over it is that they spent an assload of their budget on cosmetic surgeons, and other medical professionals to advise them on all the procedures in the movie so they can claim it being “100% medically possible” who gives a shit? It still didn’t really happen ! Stabbing someone to death is ALSO possible…just saying

  2. european vacations are very exciting sepcially if you got to visit many places at once `;*

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