Marty Mcfly Says Watch Out For ‘Gone’ by SamProof (novel)


Hey Guys,

Lately I’ve been featuring a lot of movie’s that I’ve watched in the future. Oh man, sidebar, in the future there are some really sweet deals right now on Jet Packs – Loving it! Anyway, I digress.

While I normally talk about movies I wanted to talk about one of my favorite movies, it’s called ‘Gone’ but it started as a novel that’s about to come on now. Now being you’re time in the present. In the future it’s a super cool movie, though not as good as the book – I mean, I don’t remember the book having as many lasers fight scenes… or any actually. I fon’t think it was even a sci fi thing.

But check it out – this is where it all starts. Well actually in like 25 days form now (my time machine is a little off right now, do just deal with the difference).

This guy here – this is SamProof. He wrote Gone, and he’s about to publish it.

And then it’s going to go insane.

Check out this video about SamProof setting his deadline to publish the book.

Follow his progress and thoughts on the blog :
and join the facebook fanpage:

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