Aint That Sum Shit!? – If I Can Dream.. er Tube


So last night I found my way in to the darkness of the web. I actively sought out the ‘If I Can Dream’ website, looking to explore the layout of the site and some other things. Which for the record, as little as I’m interested as the program itself, the website is pretty fun.

Also, they apparently have a green Ford Fiesta – with a built in streaming cam.

That immediately caught my eye. I wanted to know instantly if the same team behind the Fiesta Movement had their hands on the Dream house… but then I lost my train of thought when I saw this.

Oh hi I’m Chris Thomson, I’m famous on youtube. 😀

I love Chris, and I think he’s beyond this show. They’d get more out of his being on it then he would from them.

But if you want to see Chris’ Audition here you go.

If I Can Dream – Audition

Leif | MySpace Video

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