The Legacy of the Dick Tree (and the Dick Graph)


Gather round and let me tell you the tale of the dick tree.

Back in the days BDT, Before the Dick Tree. out quaint little site averaged maybe 50 views a day.
And then SamProof climbed up the big mountain, Mount Sinai, and he cried out “Lord, please bless us with longevity and viewership, and possibly golden coins that unwrapped contain chocolates – but the good ones, not the cheap wacky ones that are probably carob and not even chocolate anyway. I mean who does that? gross”

It probably looked something like this:

And yea, the lord looked down upon SamProof and bestowed upon him the wisdom to find that which he was speaking.

He wandered the internets for 40 days and 40 nights.

And in the solitude of the darkness and voice spoke out to him, a voice of temptation and trickery and it said “Just put up the same old crap everyone does, bewbs and celebrities, Perez Hilton shit”

But SamProof would not be swayed from his path of righteousness and he wandered on further until he came to the barren edge of the internetz. And low and behold there in he did find the Dick Tree and he said “This I have to share”

And so he did, and the Dick Tree was good. Many wanders came to see the Dick Tree and spread it’s knowledge through the webs.

it looked something like this.

So we thank the Dick Tree – for it is legend, it is hallowed, it is magix.

Long live the Dick Graph!

Disclaimer : this may or may not have happened exactly as prophesied.

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