Get on My Horse


So in response to John’s post “I’m on a MotherFucking Horse” I have to reply in kind.

You can find an ever looping flash version, with higher quality here

I’m sure you’re friends will thank you for getting that stuck in their heads. So much so, they’ll seek out more version of this…

Like for example this version, in the genre I’m labeling Trance Power Pop

Quick Side note – I can’t help but think of this video upon seeing the last one.

Check 1:11 for my fav moment

Back to the Amazing Horse.

What could be better then a Hot Chick singing a cover?

You may think it’s this – I mean hey, this guy’s got a tight mustache.

But you would be wrong. And if these guys could figure out the problematic looping technologies that have plagued mankind for eons it would be this:

However this is in fact the most epic version (sadly there’s no video, just an image)

Want The Chords and Lyrics to ‘Get on My Horse’?
this is our best guess

Look at my horse.
My horse is amazing.
Give it a lick.
Mmmm, it tastes just like raisins.

I’ve a stroke of its mane.
It turns into a plane,
and then it turns back again
G, D
when you tug on its winky.

Oooh that’s dirty!
Do you think so?
Well I better not show you
G, D
where the lemonade is made.

Sweet lemonade,
Mmm sweet lemonade,
Sweet lemonade,
Yeah sweet lemonade.


Get on my horse.
I’ll take you round the universe,
Em, G, D
and all the other places too.

C, D
I think you’ll find that the universe
pretty much covers everything.
G, D
Shut up woman get on my horse!


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