JOJCAST: Let’s Get This Out Of The Way…


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This isn’t really how I wanted to start the JOJCAST in 2010 but I kind of feel like this is the place where a lot of conversations happen that really don’t happen anywhere else. A lot of the people I’ve interviewed over the years have been very candid about the stuff they experience in their video creation. I kind of feel like I want to get this out of my system so I can put it behind me and move on. So please indulge today, I’m just going to talk about something that’s going on with me and next week we’re going to return to more regular programming…

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One Response to “JOJCAST: Let’s Get This Out Of The Way…”

  1. I think we all struggle with this, and for those of us that are not in the 100,000 club I think we struggle with it nearly daily.

    I’m in the midst of writing a blog all about my obsession with youtube and statistics right now.

    At some point creators need to decide if they’re A) making videos for a particular audience or B) making them for themselves.

    and then decided what your goals are.

    I’ve gone the route of hosting on multiple sites (nearly 20) via tubemogul’s help. Though I do still seem to be doing 50% videos that I just load to youtube directly.

    I’m still struggling with my own advice, possibly I need to write my goals down on a large board and post it on my wall so I see it everyday.

    Good luck john, I’ll always be around to cheer you on

    Stay Strong

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