Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass


Another in the long line of Zelda games, you are again the ubiquitous elf Link (though your name is whatever you select it to be) on an adventure through monster infested lands in search of power, spirits, or the undying love of your friend/girlfriend.

Long story short. It’s been done. To death. For fans of the Windwaker, or die hard Zelda fans, it is a must play. Otherwise, it’s not as imperative. The reliance on touch screen makes moving a little awkward at times, though the boomerang becomes more effective than in any other point and click version of the game prior.

Instead of the staple Triforce, you’re hunting down spirits and bolstering them with gems. This element just seems like a half-hearted attempt to put a new veneer on an old story, which is sad but true in the Zelda franchise. Not only that, but the graphics seem to keep getting more and more deformed with each new game.

The appeal might be there for an all ages game, but as an adult, it feels a little too juvenile.

Aside from the insane boomerang action, the sword fighting is also one of the few things improved by reliance on the touch screen. Where in older incarnations, you merely faced a foe and rapidly beat the attack button until either you or the monster ahead of you were no longer moving.

While, the DS has a lot to offer the games, it feels like they just slapped a bunch of mechanics together and gave it a loose, over the top plot, designed to appeal to the target audience of the Teletubbies or the Wiggles. Yet another piece in the Zelda Mythos, but one that could have been done so much better.

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