Bad Bromance


Dear Lola,

I’ve been sharing rooms with a most peculiar gentleman who has become a trusted friend and confidante. We have managed to help each other through all manner of crisis and trouble while creating a bond that would most likely be a durable and lasting one.

Though, as of late, he has become more morose and withdrawn. Sullen and petty. I attribute this to the news of my engagement and pending marriage, to which I will be departing our shared accommodations and starting my life anew. This is not to say I would be without my friend, but that my husbandly duties would be first and foremost upon my mind.

Now that the date draws closer, he has become increasingly more outlandish in his attempts to sabotage my pending marriage. I wish to tell him to stuff it, but, each time I voice my concerns and feelings, he just shuts me out to resume going about his own devices.

Thank you for your time,
The Stalwart Companion

Dear Stalwart,

Your problem is a common one. So common in fact, I’ll be taking a look at the topic of the “Bromance” in the coming weeks. This aside, let’s address your concerns raised in this letter.

Getting married is no small step. If your friend is apprehensive, perhaps it’s time the two of you sat down and had a heart to heart to see where the two of you start to disagree. While the event may feel like the best thing that ever happened to you, perhaps your friend has had a moment to address the situation beyond what you have seen and perceived personally. There’s no shame in the matter, as it is increasingly harder to plan a wedding.

Perhaps what the two of you need is a good solid, lock in the box together. Get together, lock the door, throw away the key, and have someone fetch you when you’ve managed to resolve your issues like civilized adults. Either that or get someone to sit in and mediate.

There you go, and I hope that you are able to work out your differences. And good luck on the engagement.

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