Dark Sigil: Blade of the Exiled


In the magical world of Bel Lenora, magic is as common as breathing, an inborn talent held from everyone from the lowest janitor to the highest lord. In this world, one man was born without the ability to use even the simplest of spells. This man caused untold havoc and chaos and was banished from the land.

That was fifteen years ago, and another person without magic has appeared. Afraid of ill portents, he is likewise banished and the journey begins.

You play as Kaius, the boy who was born with no ability to speak to the spirits who accumulates, like most RPGs, a series of companions to aid him on his journey. The game features not only your typical equipment and spells, but an interesting bit of skills that you’re able to learn and combine them to even more potent effects.


The game itself is typical of your fantasy setting RPGs. You go from place to place, advancing your quest, getting new gear, beating up new monsters, while culminating in one big bad to top the game off.

The difference comes in the skill sets and combat. Where your typical RPG sets you off against monsters in either a fully static mode or a fully mobile mode, Dark Sigil has a sort of map setting that your characters move around and gives the range of effect on their abilities. That and the combining of skills mentioned earlier, make the game feel more like a pen and paper roleplaying game than most other console RPGs.


It’s that difference that makes it a little difficult to get used to the way the game is set up. Since it is different than your average turn based game, it’s easier to make mistakes and forget that the fireball you’ve set up to fricassee the gaggle of monsters in your way only hits one or two of them because they get to move. That bit of hit/miss is exciting and infuriating at the same time.

Though the elements that make the game different seem to be small in comparison to the similarities. The game itself is fun, and full of packed full of gameplay, side quests, and enough customizability to keep the player on their toes.

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