Hey, He Can Stand Gunfire Ladies


Dear Lola,

I’ve just gone through a traumatic experience that changed the way I’m looking at my life. Changes need to be made, and I’m realizing that I don’t have anyone to share it all with. I guess you could say I’m the kind of guy who has everything and nothing at the same time.

This realization has also come with great power. There isn’t anything I can’t do now, but I am worried that my tough outer shell will do more than deflect gunfire.


Dear Shellhead,

I’m sorry I got to this so late. I’m packing to go somewhere, but I really felt you needed my help. This seemed to be ongoing theme in a lot of the letters I’ve received lately. This is a “growing trend” amongst my friends and colleagues.

You say you have it all, but you also have nothing. This is basically where you need to figure out where your priorities lie. In our rush society, personal relationships can easily be set aside in the drive to do other things. After it seems few people are remembered for being a lover not a fighter.

And have seen it happen again and again. I blame the go, go, go pace of these times. I’ve seen people choose career over love a lot. That there’ll be time for love or family after you’ve worked yourself to death. This is a regret for many working people today. You look around and you see, yourself alone and that’s scary.

It may be scary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your life around. You can make your life turn towards the better. This is going to sound cliche but its true. You Shellhead, need to stop and smell the roses.

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