Electroplankton – More than just Ploops.


Electroplankton isn’t a game insomuch as it is an experience. If aquamarine life were natural synthesizers, and you could drag a stick against them to make them perform for you.

There are no levels, no ways to ‘win’, and no real end. What you do get from the ‘game’ is a way to almost freeform mix your own music in the flow of the moment. The game shines in giving you tracks and an ability to use the plankton to fiddle with the music.

The only real downside is, after you stroke of genius, you can’t save what you’ve done, or even really share it with anyone. With that fleeting nature, it makes the game more of an exercise in meditation at the very least.

Each type of plankton has a different effect, and how you touch or drag them affects them differently still. And, not to be stagnant, each featured song has a different grouping of plankton to fiddle with.

As relaxing as the game can be at first, it seems to have little long term replay value and can get easily frustrating for more goal oriented game fans. Not only are there no goals or way to ‘beat’ the game, each of the game’s ‘levels’ is manually chosen to enter and depart. There’s no sense of progression.

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