JOJCAST: Goodbye 2009!



Goodbye 2009Life. Politics. Video Creation. This is THE JOJCAST!

This is actually the very last JOJCAST for 2009. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the year that was, what it was like for me as a video creator, and thank some of the people who made it such a great year for me personally.

[Full show notes on this episode]

Good luck to everyone entering the Podpocalypse Winter Photo Contest! I look forward to seeing some of your photographs on the Failpire Stickam show soon.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to the Podpocalypse team for making the JOJCAST feel so welcome here.

Don’t forget you can subscribe to The JOJCAST via iTunes. Voice over kindly provided by Joshua Withers.

One Response to “JOJCAST: Goodbye 2009!”

  1. Aww I’m gonna miss the Jojcast!

    The minute February hits I’m bugging you to get it back! 🙂

    Oh and thank you so much for promo’ing the photo contest,that was awesome!

    Well done John and Happy New Year! I’m glad you’re a part of the Podpocalypse!

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