The Best Thing You’re Not.. Aspiring To Be : TV’s Top Ten Dads 2009 PART 2



Miss Part 1? Go here Simon Campos – Flash Forward
(Simon Campos)

Ok sure, the show hasn’t actually established that Camps has any children of his own, in fact it’s his partner that is clearly the lovable father.

but the point is, this bad boy physicist probably gets some sweet tail. He’s got a rock n roll attitude and his elietism doesn’t take no for an answer.

Oh and yea maybe he was one of the people responsible for causing a global disaster that killed millions of people.

We already know, 6 months from on April 29, 2010 he holds his own and kicks some ass. And he has no problem talking to the ladies, so chances are good that there are more then a few dozen illegitimate children running around in the Campos clan. Walter Bishop – Fringe
(Dr. Walter Bishop)

Sure he may be crazy, and sure he may be the inadvertant creator of everything that’s leaking in to threaten our very existance from some other dimension.

But it’s pretty clear he did it all for his son Peter, well at least for the version of him that existed in said alternate dimension. If creating a bridge between realities isn’t noteworthy of awesome fatherly devotion I don’t know what is!

Plus the man appreciates a good egg cream.

3) Dr. Cal Lightman – Lie To Me
(Dr. Cal Lightman)

OK now this is what all father’s want, instant lie detection. Then again when your 14 year old daughter comes home after curfew telling you she hasn’t had sex… maybe you don’t want that ability.

It’s a double edged sword, but either way Cal is pretty damn good when it comes to outwitting the bad guys and still finding time with his kid. Oh and he totally nailed that hot blonde in the poker episode, srsly hi five! Hank Moody – Californication
(Hank Moody)

Speaking of nailing hot blonds, Hank is the bad boy writer we all thought we could be back when we were 16. He’s got a cynical, sarcastic look at life – and he takes the bull by the horns. And sure he ends up in a pile of bull more often then not because of it.

But good times right? but all in all the man child is really a hopeless romantic chasing the dream of a life with his one and only, and there kid-ling. He may not be the A typical Role model, but his devotion to little chiplet off the old block is endearing. Don Draper – Mad Men
(Don Draper)

Oh the bad boy/womanizer spectrum Donald runs the opposite side of Hank Moody. He’s all class. He’s top of the heap. He’s a number one. Don has done something few men have ever truly acheved, (with the real life exception of maybe Hugh Hefner) – he reinvented himself.

He took a mysterious little farm boy and turned himself into a power player. He got himself the most beautiful wife, the best job, and the respect of his peers (and underlings).

What man couldn’t want to be this Machiavellian modern man of the 60’s? So pour yourself a whiskey, plop down in your big leather chair and get ready to take on the world by your own terms!

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