Not-Quite-So-Funny People


“Dear Lola,
My ex boyfriend was dying of a rare disease and I told him he was the one. Not only that, but I cheated on my husband with him. Now he’s okay, and I really love my husband. I mean, I still love my ex, but I love my husband more, and we have two kids together. What should I do?
Failed Actress”

Dear Failed,

You sure do fail. Not just at acting but, at life too.
Wow. Just wow. Stunts like yours are why men fear all women. I don’t care if you thought he was dying, that’s messed up. Not only is that messed up, it’s just cruel.

Love should never be thrown around lightly. False hope probably subconsciously helped him beat this disease.

Was he really the one, is your husband even the one? It sounds to me like you’re confused yourself and should really think before you speak maybe keep or journal or hell, call a psychic. Either that or you’re just a cruel person who can’t work out her own issues and have to drag someone who really loves you into it

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