Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Buy this game for text based rpg fans, or Law & Order fans.

Ever feel the need to just stand up and shout “Objection!” in your everyday life but are worried about the random stares and snickering that would bring? Then this is the game you’re looking for.

The game itself is equal parts Law & Order and Pokemon. The cases you’re working on need to be researched and then you go into court and question witnesses. The rest is done with multiple choices that you can either question, accuse, or move on with the trial. The heavy anime style only exaggerates even the smallest point of order.

The comic book pages story telling style is smooth and doesn’t make the player want to skip it over. The story while outlandish at times fits together nicely. This game is rated T so the boobs are lush. Great sight gags too, and fluid game play.
Great for many, many laughs. Phoenix Wright is a spanking brand new attorney on the scene You are put in his shoes as you help seeming hopeless people out of dire situations. Phoenix Wright is an older game, but first in a series of four games with a new one (starting Miles Edgeworth) and well worth a looking during this or any other season.

If you’re looking for a zany legally fun time Phoenix and his firm delivers. Just watch out for hidden clocks and girls in pink. I dare you to object!

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