The Best Thing You’re Not… Aspiring To Be : TV’s Top Ten Dads 2009



It’s a tough world out there, economic recession, unemployment, war, Nobel peace prizes for war, death, murder, destruction, 2012, bad movies and worse TV. So how can we even conceive of bringing children in to this world?

But we do it anyway, and below is a list of the top ten fathers we can model ourselves after as TV has seen fit to show us. Puck- Glee
(Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman)

Ok he’s kind of a tool, and this is probably the face he made when conciving Quinn Fabray’s love child behind his best friend’s back. But, this bizarre cross between mr. popular and subculture mascot really wants to do the right thing. And that nobility earns him the number ten slow on this list. Go forth you mother pucker!

9) Dexter Morgan – Dexter
(Dexter Morgan)

I hate to say it folks, but I’ve yet to sit myself down and marathon the first two seasons of this show. So I bet you all sit there and complain that Dexter should be way higher on this list, despite his serial murderous ways (or because of it).

I’m sure several of you out there are in fact aspiring serial killers in your own right, wishing you could end the life of that chump that stiffed you on a tip. Or that boss that’s been keeping you down. Or hey even that weird kid down the street, that you’re pretty sure pees on your cat. Well you know what, killing for the greater good or not, killing is something animals do. and no one aspires to be an animal. Frank – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
(Frank Reynolds)

My bad, there is one animal people would aspire to be and it’s Frank. Frank lives by no man’s rules, be it organizing a Korean Vietnamese Russian Roulette table or banging a relative, Frank Reynolds is the captain of his soul! Noah Bennet – Heroes
(Noah Bennet)

In a world where he’s taking on would be super heroes on a daily basis, Noah is a force to be reckoned with.

Sure maybe he’s secretive, deceptive, maybe he had his own wife’s mind erased – hey who wouldn’t want to do that a little here and there. Ammi Rite?!

Point is he’s a sharp dresser and an decent shot.

Plus he single handedly brought Horn rimmed glasses back in to popular fashion after Lisa Lobe did so much to make them ironically hip. He’s fighting sub culture on multiple levels!

6) Lieutenant Gene Hunt – Life on Mars
(Lieutenant Gene Hunt)

First off, who wouldn’t want to be Harvey mother fucking Kietel? OK that’s the only time I’m going to bring up the actor in this list. But srsly. Harvey Keitel bitches!

And that’s not all Gene Hunt has going for him. It’s not easy raising a hot set of gams like Maria Belanger and running the house for the NYPD.

And maybe he walks a thin grey line between right and wrong, but somebody’s gotta keep the streets clean and in the End Lt. Hunt does what he does to keep the city from falling apart.

And who’s gonna fuck with him, he’s got a whole police department behind him!

To Be Continued (unlike ‘Life on Mars’ which was canceled to early and could have gone on several more seasons in to awesomeness)

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